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Doctors: Our Superheroes

“I was barely six, when my grandpa suffered a massive heart attack. And if someone asks me to narrate an awful incident from my childhood, I’d promptly try to make this story dance in their eyes. But when someone (which is seldom) asks me to narrate an incident that made my heart bounce with happiness, […]

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The Pandemic

I’m aware I’m a little late on addressing the elephant in the room but hey, better late than never, right? We’ll just roll with that for now. Over the past two weeks (Because I’m a sloth right now and can’t seem to finish one task completely) I’ve been putting this particular post off. But today, […]

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An Encomium To Art

Today I’m not going the conventional route of boring you with my work. Instead, ……….
Every artist has a voice, heard through the portrayal of their work. In that exact manner, each of these individuals agreed to lend their voices to help make this post what I had envisioned it to be and so much more.

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