Hello there,

I am Anya and I’m 22 years old. I hail from Karnataka, a South Indian state so naturally I drink rasam three times a day, everyday.

Rasam: /ra-sum/- the butt of all South Indian jokes.

I’m in my third year of MBBS and here’s a heads up: slipped in between displaying my charming personality, you’ll find me not so elegantly dealing with my reality checks every not and then but other than that, I’m a ray of sunshine. *winks*

My areas of “expertise” include- reading, writing, eating more than necessary, dancing and a little bit of cooking. I am socially awkward and borderline mean but that’s only if I really, really like something/someone- my own love language, if I may say so.

I’m excited for you to discover more of me as I learn along with you.

Here’s a little overview of the navigation- I write about all things medical school related under ‘Medical School’. It’s a frickin’ party under ‘Life’. Story writing and I go way back so to honour that, I post most of my stories under ‘Stories’. I’m so grateful for having people that contribute to my passion by writing for this site every now and then which you can find under ‘Features’ for a fresh perspective when you think you need a break from me. (You won’t need one but just keeping that ready for you.)

Thank you for finding me.