Hello there,
I am Anya and I’m 22 years old. I hail from Karnataka, a South Indian state so naturally I drink rasam three times a day.

Rasam: /ra-sum/- the butt of all South Indian jokes.

I can also trace my ancestry back to Coorg aka The Scotland of India and so, adding to my other greater talents, I know a mean pandi curry when I smell one.

I’m in my third year of MBBS and here’s a heads up: slipped in between displaying my charming personality, you’ll find episodes of me moping about being a 6 hour bus journey away from home amongst many other things but otherwise, I’m a ray of sunshine. *winks*

Here’s a little overview of the navigation- under ‘Medical School’ I’m assuming it’ll be lavender fields and sunshine about my life in medical school, under ‘Life’ I write about anything I’m currently into, under ‘Monthly Rundowns’ I post once a month about the highlights of the previous month, under ‘Features’ I bring in people to write a little about their lives.

This is an outlet for my writing, a hobby I’ve honed for over four years through blogging. While that should be enough reason to really be good at this, I haven’t gotten much better but it’s only onward and upward from here on out. If you know me as ‘Your Average Peahead’, I just want to say a quick thank you for pulling through for me there as I already know you will do so here too.

I wish this was a preview of what is to come but I’m afraid I’ve let my mind loose on this one and we just see where the wind takes us. I’m stoked to put what I have on here and build, said everyone ever.

Thank you for finding me.

It’s going to be a ride.