5 Easy Everyday Habits You Must Have

Habit forming can be a serious task, let me tell you. And so, I’m not going to start you off on 5 new habits that will require too much effort. Instead, listed down below are very small changes to better your everyday and why it’s proven to do so. Linked under each of those are articles that I found helpful and added as an adjunct to whatever I’ve curated in this list from books or social media.

Disclaimer: I didn’t come up with these myself. It’s through reading and aimlessly scrolling through internet platforms that I’ve been able to pick up a few real good ones that fully compliment the lazy girl inside me.

1) Deep breathing and lymph circulation: I could bet you a tiny amount of money (Very tiny) that most of us humans fail to take deep breaths often. Totally understandable because not a lot of us are ever taught of that in schools or colleges. I know I wasn’t taught this (Or maybe I’m just a bad student) Either way, effective breathing (The right kind of breathing) is believed to be the vacuum for the flow of lymph that acts as a garbage truck inside of your body.

To dumb that down a little- like the way you have blood vessels for your blood that carries you nutrients, you have structures called lymph vessels that carry lymph. If I were giving you a visual, consider lymph as the medium that receives all the crap and waste that our cells metabolize. This lymph circulates in our body, collecting waste from your cells and ‘cleaning your body’ for you. (For the medical professionals reading this, I’m trying not to make a medical post. Don’t lose your shit on how casually I’m explaining this.)

Lack of deep breathing along with not properly oxygenating your body (We all know we need that oxygen), doesn’t provide the needed vacuum for the lymph to get sucked through their channels. Shallow breathing ‘stagnates’ lymph (the waste) and I don’t see why anyone would want that for themselves.

So, consciously take deep breaths focusing more on exhalation because according to ancient breathing practices (That I will not go deeply into because of lack of knowledge) you can only fill up something if you’ve emptied the receptacle.

If you want to do it the right way, here’s a formula:
4-16-8= 4 seconds inhalation, 16 seconds retention, 8 seconds exhalation.

If you don’t trust me (I would totally understand that lol) you can click this link. If this interested you, I highly recommend reading some more because I don’t want you doing stupid shit and then coming at me. So read more than what a medical student has to say.

2. Chewing slowly: I’m not even going to lie with this one- I have a serious problem of saying no to any/all food. If you’re like me, there’s a 80% chance you like to eat fast. I’m going to stretch that to a 90% because we keep it real here. Although I’m not considered a ‘fast eater’ as such, I do down my meals relatively quickly when I really like something. Do you see a problem here? Considering you’re probably like the majority of the human population, you probably don’t see a problem.

Eating a meal faster isn’t going to help you in anyway because:
a) You’re left craving for more after the last crumb is eaten.
b) You’re stuffing too much into your body which although a phenomenal creation, has to be given a chance to process what’s happening.
c) What are you even tasting if you’re just gulping it like water, huh? (No but seriously what’re you tasting really?)

Eat slower and you won’t crave more. So you can say bye to those flabby hands you don’t want. (Or if you do want it then by all means do it) It’s not just about the extra pounds. Eating slowly gives our body sufficient time to efficiently digest all the food and absorb it appropriately. However, eating fast is just going to send the food down an amusement park slide like fashion and not really give the chance for our body to act effectively on the food we’re feeding it.

Again, if you don’t trust me, you can click this link and also go crazy on the internet for any source that can tell you the same thing in a much more informative way.

3) Activity: Over the recent days, seeing that I now successfully can’t see my foot while I’m standing thanks to the extra few pounds I’ve gained during the quarantine, I’ve been trying to be more mindful of what goes in. While I’ve been trying to keep that in check (Unsuccessfully so far) I’ve also been made aware of the importance of activity. I can be drinking celery juice all day everyday and still be unhealthy if I’m just going to sit on my butt all day everyday.

Get moving, y’all! Courtesy.

No amount of clean eating and mindful diets will yield benefits if you don’t club that with activity even if it’s walking 1000 steps per day. Trust me, your body would totally love more than that but since we’ve got to start somewhere, we’ll set the bar low at 1000 steps per day.

Don’t fall for the ‘eat clean’ scams that promise to change your life/virtually liposuction off a percentage of your body. They lie and you’re letting them. Clean eating and zero activity made Jack a big ball of disease. (You know where I was going with that.)

4) Dry brushing: About a year or less ago, my sister (My go to person for anything survival related) introduced me to the concept of dry brushing. While I’m yet to implement that into my routine (And also make up a routine because I’m literally all over the damn place now) I read up on its benefits and like I always say with things that I like, my mind was blown to bits (Or should I say bristles? Because they’re tiny? Like tiny bits? No? Alright.)

It might seem like I’m a big advocate for lymph circulation and all that jazz but this is just a new thing I’ve stumbled upon that a lot of people swear by and I hoped I could educate any of you reading this.

I really do wish this was tried and tested but this is just something I read upon on and still waiting to get my hands on my own dry brush. But, while I wait for mine to come in the mail, you can click this link and read more on why dry brushing is the shiz.

5) Grateful: I keep trumpeting on and on about The Law of Attraction, The Secret, Gratefulness and all that jazz so it should come as no surprise that you’re seeing it on here. I did say in the beginning I’m going to keep this simple and easy for the everyday lazy bum so I’m staying true to my words.

Gratitude doesn’t take much time and effort because let’s be real, if I gave you five seconds to name 5 things you’re grateful or I’d karate-chop your neck, you’d name ten things because there’s a lot of things to be grateful for and it’s super duper easy (And also because I can be a mean karate chopper.)

Especially during these unpleasant times, it’s easy to forget and make nothing out of all the blessings that surround us. Starting from even waking up in the morning to a clean glass of drinking water to your favorite pair of shoes to your beat up old vehicle that hasn’t given up on you, THERE IS A MILLION THINGS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR.

Take it from Oprah! Courtesy.

Quick! Name one thing you’re grateful for. I’m grateful for the prawns I’m snacking on because that is some expensive stuff that doesn’t come by easy and living in a hostel has made me extremely thankful for whatever good food I get at home.

Apart from the instant joy that gratitude brings to you as you realise all the good things that you’ve ignored, gratitude has a way of paying you back for the time spent on it. Again, since you have mad trust issues with me and what I write, you can click this link to learn more about how gratitude can be life changing.

Aaaaand that’s about it for this post. I hope you liked that and took something back from there. If you did, please let me know how anything changed if it did as incentive for others to try it out as well.

As always thanks for reading 🙂

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