Top 5 Non-Fiction Books To Start Off With

Very presumptuous of me to title this post so boldly but as long as it gets your attention, I’ve done my job well. This post is important.

In a world where visual communication is all the rage, it’s only fair to assume that books have been collecting dust in libraries or even in our own homes. But, I can attest that even with social media and the expanse of the internet at my finger tips, I’ve learnt more from the few books that I’ve read than I’ve learnt from my time with visual media. The five books that I have listed down below have immensely affected the way I now perceive a lot of information, decluttered areas of my toxic mind and shone light on a truck load of common sense that I was clearly lacking. Again a very bold statement but I 100 percent mean it.

Every book in this compilation has added value in areas I didn’t even know I needed help with and that’s saying something. So, I hope one of these calls out to you and you get to reading it.

This is in order of preference being that the first book will be my number one recommendation until I find a better book.

1) The Compound Effect: I don’t plan on spoiling the books for you and detailing everything so I’ll try and keep this concise. (Going to be a task.)

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This book has literally changed my life. (Not significantly as yet because your girl is in self isolation and there’s not much scope to see huge changes but…) The book basically teaches you how little things bring you big things. We all know that but Darren Hardy dumbs that concept down even more and produces one of the best books I’ve ever read in all my 22 years of living. The facts that he states so coolly in it are like a slap across the face and a wake up call to all the morons (like myself) who turn their back on the small things which usually seem like they don’t matter.

Spoiler alert: They do matter. A lot.

2) The power of your subconscious mind: This book is phenomenal. I’m going to be using a lot of similar bold synonyms for describing the other books as well so just play along, will you?

Image courtesy: Google Images.

But in all honesty, if you are new to the concept of your mind having a side kick who is actually the alpha dog, you’re in for a surprise. What this book deals with is how inside of each one of us we have a vast universe hidden and stored away begging to be fully utilized. I know that sounds absolutely nuts but this book is going to make you believe it by reminding you of all the times you’ve made the impossible happen. Of course it’s not going to manipulate you into thinking you’re the boss. It’s going to prove to you that YOU ARE the boss and have always been the boss without you ever realizing the crazy control you’ve had all this while.

Your mind is going to blow your own mind with this one.

3) Unlimited Power: I wouldn’t make a whole post about something I wasn’t passionate about because I can’t imagine writing and editing it and re-editing it and proof reading that post just so my peers don’t call me illiterate if I, God forbid, used the wrong grammar. So believe me when I say that if I ever write book reviews (That claim to not be book reviews) that book really got to me.

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About two months ago (Can I just take this opportunity to say time frickin’ flies?) I read this book by Tony Robbins and it was the start to my journey with personality development books because according to me, the way the book went from truths after truths was mind numbingly excellent. Even though I didn’t see myself agreeing with some concepts, it sparked an inner debate and that set off a chain reaction which drove me to answers I was more in tune with. It works best as a workbook since it tells you not only to ‘talk the talk’ but also to ‘walk the talk”. You can read more on why I recommend this book here.

4) Rich Dad Poor Dad: You didn’t think I was going to include this book in? If anything, I’d consider this a classic. Having absolutely loved the way things got real in this book, I’ve picked up all my subsequent non fiction books after this. This is what really set the wheels in motion, if I may say so.

Image courtesy: Google Images.

If I could rename this book, it’d say ‘Investment For Dummies 2.0’. (Pretty sure there’s a book named this but I’m just going to use it. Don’t sue.) Even if you don’t pick the first book I recommended (For your own nonsense reasons) pick this up! The previous three books would’ve been a little intense for me had I not read this one and tested the waters of nonfiction. But, if you’re big on reading and want to start off strong, by all means, go by my chronology. If you’re unable to digest the volume of the previous books, start off slow with this one and try it on for size. Plus, this book has a way of calling you stupid one too many times just so you can shake off all your previous school bookish knowledge and learn the real deal. I have a more in depth review of this which you can find here.

5) The 5 Love Languages: In Sergeant Terry Jeffords style, “Anya loves love”. My love language, according to popular belief (don’t ask me the consensus), is meanness. I’m the sweetest when I’m the rudest and often times that’s given the wrong impression. (Totally understandable, duh!)

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This book revolves around numerous stories of couples who’ve failed to realise how worth it it is to hold on to something that’s worth holding on to. It doesn’t just throw you some feel good motivation to better your relationships. This book teaches you how to better said relationships. Even though a majority of it focuses on marriage and spouses, an unmarried college student such as myself holds this book in high regard because of the knowledge of understanding and communication that it provides. A lack of these two virtues have proven to drive most relationships around the world off the cliff. This book sounds promising enough to save any relationship that might be rocking at the edge of one such cliff.

With that we come to the end of a reading list no one asked for. I’ve been fortunate enough to have my dad guide me with most of the books on this list and so, I wanted to do the same for someone else- just that you and I may not have that same relationship. I’ve tried to pick up one fabulous book from the various areas of improvement I seek, hoping it’ll help you find a book you’d like and wish to utilize in your own life to better any area you wish to work on. If you have already read any of these, the comment section awaits you to spill the beans on it- good or bad, we’re open to reviews to make choosing easier for any one who wants to find a good weekend read.

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As always, thanks for reading 🙂

33 Comments on “Top 5 Non-Fiction Books To Start Off With”

  1. I think I’ve read “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” but I can’t remember when, though it looks strangely familiar.

    I’ve added “The Compound Effect” to my ever growing to-read list 😅 The other three books might be good but self help books are not my kind. So for now, I think one book will do!

    Also, thanks for these book recommendations, Anya✨🙏

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    • For suuuuure! These books have done it for me. Hands down the best thing I’ve done this year was to open upto non fiction and what a right time (Although I wish I had done it earlier there’s no better time than right now, right?)

      Liked by 1 person

      • If you’d done it earlier, you might not have been ready for what the books had to say! I have books which changed my life at yhe time I read them but now make me laugh at their philosophies, because I’m at a different place in life.

        Have you heard of the idea that when you need guidance you open a fav book to a random page and will find the advice you need?


  2. I agree! Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book was a game changer for me. I’ve read four of the books on your list! I will have to check out the other one. Great post and thanks for sharing

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I started reading when I was quite young. As I quit school at 12, I spent several years just reading! It was great. I love non-fiction, but have mainly read fiction. Mainly fiction, from my parents bookshelf, which was filled with Penguin books, the first fiction reprint paperback line in the UK. I have always felt that fiction is as real as it gets. You can be in the mind and share the life of a person from another time and place, and I feel you can learn as much about them as if you knew them- maybe even more as the author takes you into their head. I read everything still and write too. Presently, I am mainly writing non-fiction, telling tales of hanging banners and accosting aircraft carriers with Greenpeace, climbing mountains in Mexico and the Himalayas, and making my living by inventing answers to market research questionnaires. I also have a couple of fiction pieces too! that’s me. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I have enjoyed yours Happy reading and happy blogging

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