June Has Been Eventful

1) Vision boards and scripting: Amongst a million other people who can vouch for the efficacy of vision boards, here are some individuals that might ring a bell- Oprah Winfrey, Lilly Singh, Cardi B, Steve Harvey, Shay Mitchell and Kellan Lutz (And Anya Abraham)

For a little on their stories: Visit here.

Vision boards are just what they say- You have a vision of how you want your life to be and you put it onto a board/notebook/any place. For starters- think of it like an arts and crafts project and cut out pictures or magazines pages that best describe your dream. Now, that’s the hardest part.

Courtesy: How to vision board for beginners.

The easier part and the most important is believing. Whatever goes on that board is whatever you want in life/how you see yourself living life. What you need to do to seal that deal with whatever higher power you have faith in, BELIEVE that you already have the life you’ve envisioned on your board. Not too hard right?

Scripting is much the same- instead of pictures, you write out your dream life like it is already happening. Again, not too hard right?

To purchase ‘The Power by Rhonda Byrne’- Click here
If you’ve got the funds and want to get your hands on ‘The Five Minute Journal by Alex & Mimi Ikonn’ which is all the rage now- Click here
To purchase a less expensive everyday notebook- Click here

You’ll find attached here are some successful vision board/scripting stories to propel you toward it if you’re willing to try- Click here.

2) Selling Sunset (Netflix show)– If you know me, you know I treat drama like a cup of morning coffee- strong and very important to survive the day. These past two months I’ve been on a great streak at cutting down the train wreck on the books end. But, to compensate for the lack of high intensity drama I so badly crave, I’ve been binging on Netflix.

My recent find was ‘Selling Sunset’ that revolves around the lives of The Oppenheim Group of real estate agents based in Los Angeles. Along with the ridiculously amazing houses that they list, a peak into the lives of random individuals half way across the globe is something I really enjoy. (Go ahead, judge me, Susan.)

I can’t help that I gravitate towards reality shows and the most bougee-est ones at that.

For anyone that cares- They’ve been given the go for Season 3 airing in August.

3) Chloe Ting– To anyone that’s been through this hell, I feel for you. To the people that don’t know Chloe Ting, you must already have a fabulous body. (Get outta here) My problem is- what her body is capable of doing is far beyond what mine can.

I’m the kind that takes a gym membership only to click great pictures in the ceiling to floor mirrors and then cry on the mat that’s soaked with others sweat. My planks are as good as the Downward Dog yoga pose. I practise the Shavasana for longer than is necessary while everyone’s testing out new equipments. I’m also the kind to never be seen in the gym after day 11.

Since I’m at a lack for words that put me in a category below ‘beginner’, I’ll just use the term to say Chloe Ting’s Ab 2 week Ab Challenge literally almost stopped my “beginner’s” heart.

Solution? A fitness app. Workout For Women (I’m not being held at gunpoint to say this nor am I being paid. It’s just something I swear by.)

I know, I can’t believe I’m doing this either but desperate times call for desperate measures. Chloe Ting will have to wait till after I finish my beginner course here.

Why I like it: They have new routines every day and it’s for ONLY seven minutes. They had me sold when it said 7 minutes because who doesn’t have 7 minutes to spare?!

You can’t seriously think it’s just for women.

To aid a workout: Click here and Click here

4) Spicy noodle challenge: A little late to the game but we’ve finally arrived. After seeing the raging social media attention this was getting, Karen and I had to give this a go.

The red hits places I can’t be naming here.

Would I recommend it? Definitely.

It burned my insides on our first try because we got excited and poured enough sauce to drop dead. But now, having let our bodies get used to it, it’s just like any other spicy sauce. Our noodles are now incomplete without half a spoon of this liquid fire from hell itself.

Disclaimer: It IS spicy. If you’re trying it, watch how much you first put in. We thought we could handle it when we were eating it but the real burn began after we had set our forks down. If you didn’t know you could chew ice, the aftermath of this experience will teach you how.

To get your own sauce off of Amazon: Click here
To get your own spicy noodle: Click here

5) Zoom meetings: I feel important, okay? I just sat through my first ever zoom meeting with a bunch of very new people I’ll probably never meet in real life. Being a very shy person (Let’s have a monthly count of the number of times I say ‘shy person’. There’s a prize.) this was very huge for me.

I’m now a part of the Talk Aloud family, a non profit platform aiming at eliminating the stigma around mental health. This is how I got into the said meeting.

As nerve racking as it was before I signed in, I realised, like always I am my own enemy. What was something I was dreading, soon became something I got comfortable with. Either way, I just took the first step towards I don’t know what but here’s to celebrating that excitement.

A call of distress snap sent out 2 seconds before I had to login while giving my muscles a good stretch for when I have to fake laugh awkwardly.

6) Three months: Because no one cares, here’s me announcing my third month of doing this. I don’t know where I’m headed besides documenting personal growth (Showcasing both accelerating and decelerating growth.) and just take it as living life as me, quirks and all.

So, here’s to another month of super random articles from just another girl on the internet who thinks she knows a thing or two about life. (She doesn’t)

I hope your June had a little more pizzazz and dazzle to it than mine did. Hoping for a banger July.

As always, thanks for reading πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: This post contains Affiliate links on the words highlighted in blue. For more on how Affiliate Marketing works, visit my Disclosure Policy.
If you do decide to purchase any item through the links provided, please do check thoroughly before buying since some may be only similar to what I own.

8 Comments on “June Has Been Eventful”

  1. I liked the idea of vision boards…. I have also started work out since as you know from my youtube channel videos, I have put on enough weight…. I am using the 7M workout app after jogging for 1 hour in the park…. That sauce looks scary to me since I don’t like much spice in my food😜😜😜 Your zoom meeting expressionπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Vowww…. Stretch exercise for fake smilingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awesome! I’m so glad to know that you use the app as well πŸ™‚ It has been really helpful for me
      That sauce was super spicy but you just get used to it over time. Really can’t do without adding that in with the rest of my food.
      That zoom meeting really was nerve wracking haha :O

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey! You have been very productive, I’m so jealous! πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚ I am too lazy for 7 min workouts too, maybeπŸ˜… Also, I am following you but didnt receive this post, seems there is some glitch. Anyways, I’d love it if you could read my last post and send in questions for my ‘know me better’ post. Stay safe!😊


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