Doctors: Our Superheroes

“I was barely six, when my grandpa suffered a massive heart attack. And if someone asks me to narrate an awful incident from my childhood, I’d promptly try to make this story dance in their eyes. But when someone (which is seldom) asks me to narrate an incident that made my heart bounce with happiness, I’d tattoo the picture of my grandpa smiling, after recovering from the very same predicament, to their gleaming retinas. The only author of that happy memory, as I now realize, is the doctor who treated him.

This world is right now a swirling hell of molten lava and the amount of effort and time that’s been invested into relieving the condition is immense. Doctors who have right now left the pleasure of being with their families and teaching their children numbers and alphabet are the whole and sole heroes of this troubled condition.

We’ve failed to realize that doctors are as human as we are. They are prone to all the ill effects of the virus just like we are. When this microscopic organism is causing a chaos and making us follow so many precautionary measures, our real heroes are out there, writing happy poems (most of the times) to the diseased through their dedication. They’ve risked themselves for our well being.

So this is an encomium to the warriors who are stuffed in PPEs while we at least have the freedom to breathe in fresh air. Let us be grateful to them and support them in all the possible ways.

Vaidyo Narayano Hari.”

Feauture by: Anecdotes and Avocados
Written by: Robin Jacob (Instagram handle- For The Sake Of Words)
Poster by: Imman Boban (Instagram handle- Imman Boban)

Anya: India celebrated National Doctor’s Day on July 1st to commemorate an Internationally renowned medical practitioner who served as a physician, a freedom fighter, a politician and an educationist- Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

Today’s feature by Anecdotes and Avocados is in honour of that.

Anecdotes and Avocados is a website that’s run by an artistic bunch of medical undergraduates. If you have so much as slightly enjoyed my work here, I can guarantee it’s a blast there and you’ll find something you really connect with. They boast an all inclusive site which features lifestyle pieces, recipes, fashion and good old blogging. A team of really talented individuals, whom I have the pleasure of studying alongside with, has put their creative minds together and birthed an amazing platform to put in your ideas as well if you’d like. The link below will take you there if you haven’t visited already. Happy reading in advance 🙂

To visit Anecdotes and Avocados, click here.

As always, thanks for reading 🙂

22 Comments on “Doctors: Our Superheroes”

  1. Hey Anya, What’s up?
    Hope you are good!!😀😀

    Now coming to your post, it’s really well penned..
    Doctors are also human like us, they don’t blessed by any boon that they won’t affected of any viruses or disease…

    They are fighting so many wars at the time, to save the patients, to protect themselves, to heard the criticism of some mad crazy mob, etc…

    I sometime wonders what if Doctors won’t exist? And you know, I still not getting the answer of that..

    Every profession has their pros and con’s but in medical field one has to ready to criticize in each of their decision, irrespective of good or bad..

    As a professional I also believes the same, there is no life without them, the disguised Superhero wore h
    White clothes, having stethoscope as a weapon, not to use against people but to primary check them!!😀😀😀

    Liked by 4 people

    • Hey Divyang. I’m glad you feel so strongly about doctors. It’d be considered gloating if I were to speak more but I completely agree with you. It’s nice to know you’re one among the people that do respect the profession and everything they do and can offer to humanity, as with other professions as well 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      • Absolutely I can relate as I am also from professional background but our work is lit bit different than you…

        We manage finance but you mange to save the life of people.. You know to kill people is too easy but to save them is too difficult at the same time!!

        My sir always use one phrase, People has to be True and Honest to Doctor and CAs, if they hide anything then ready to be punished!! But somewhere I am not much agree with it, Doctors are the true lifeguards!!

        If one isn’t healthy then their wealth is of no meant!! That’s what I believe!!
        Salute to you and others like you,✋😁😁

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have many friends who are doctors and they have quite a difficult life, it took me years to understand why they could appear to distant with patients at times and then I learned, love is energy and you have give it out in rations as a doctor. They are amazing people… I love this article..

    Liked by 3 people

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