May Has Been A Blessing:

1) I turned 22: It has been a couple of days since my birthday and I still can’t brush off the banana sized grin. As if one whole post about it wasn’t enough, …….. Alright, I’m not going to talk about it again, don’t worry.

In case you missed it: A Lockdown Birthday

2) Harry Potter and Pizzas: I had made the jump from the Twlight movies to the Harry Potter fandom about four years ago when I started reading the books. I know this particular detail may not sit well with the rest of the Potterheads but oh well, it is what it is.

I was a Twilight fan once and when that phase rode over, I picked up the Harry Potter books.

Anyone that wants to challenge how big of a fan I really am, I’ve got my house, my wand, my patronus all ready, we can talk about it. (I’ll Riddikulus you faster than you can say blimey, don’t try me.)

Over the weekend, I revisited the movies at home with some pizza, which was long coming. It was a good day, that day. A few tears of content might have been shed.

3) Surveys: In my previous monthly rundowns, April Has Been Interesting, I spoke about how all the time I had on my hands was getting to me and how I suddenly wasn’t the biggest fan of sitting around doing nothing. So, I did a little search for at home jobs. (Really, girl?)

I didn’t go ahead with that. (For obvious reasons.)

However, for the new month, I brought down fresh hell for my family when I decided I would start taking surveys. (The hits just keep on coming with me.) Didn’t sit too well with them or with me for that matter because it drove me absolutely nuts.

The paranoia of giving my real information away like that drove me to give in all the wrong information about myself and get this, I did earn Rs. 15 which will never get credited because you need to hit a certain limit before anything happens, but that was the last of it.

My ‘experiences’ with things didn’t match any other survey. (I was a little bummed that my fake self couldn’t get anything legit.)

I would get to know that I wasn’t the target audience after I would take the survey which was quite maddening because I wasted a lot of time on that rubbish which wasn’t even meant for me in the first place. A head’s up would have been nice.

Take it from me because I seem to be on a roll here, don’t give in to everything that glitters. You know the saying.

All that glitters isn’t gold. -William Shakespeare.

This was horse poo covered in gold. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Also, I did include in my previous post that I had started earning. I strictly earn from the blog and that’s about it (I don’t have anything in hand now.) That’s the only thing I’m on right now and I do not recommend anything else to you even though my history would say otherwise.

Whoever’s written the books I’ve been reading, you’ve got a strong impact on this girl. Although, financial independence has got to slow down for me here a bit.

4) The books I’ve been reading: My dad is big into books and has quite a collection for me to read, now that I’ve completely put my medical books in my bag and zipped that up for the past two months.

I find it surprising that I’m even finishing a book I once thought useless and hard to read. It was hard to read because most of the time the author made sense. Now see, that doesn’t work well with me.

I’m not saying these are the best books in the market. But, like every book gives you something to take back, these give you a little more. Just a little bit more, in my opinion.

May hasn’t been that big of a month on the reading books end but I’m hoping to go from cover to cover with the ones that have just resurfaced from dad’s vaults.

The line up for the month. These books are decades old if you couldn’t tell, hence the new look on them.

Current book: The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People. (God knows I need this.)

5) Instagram: As an aid to this blog, my sister and I began a ‘food&travel’ page on Instagram this past month. The feed of ‘OF TOASTS AND TERRAINS‘ has been on here for quite some time and it was a tiny project to see how we’d fare with that.

This is why I have food pictures randomly floating abou there.

Toasts=food and Terrains=travel. Now go figure, Sherlock. In our defense, our feed may have been better had we had the chance to venture into the wild.

I say this knowing fully well that once everything returns to normalcy, I’ll still sit on my bed, binge on unhealthy snacks, complain about my health and wallow in self pity.

But, you know, just keeping the positivity at a high here.

6) Features: Around the first week of this month, I began a new page on here called ‘Features‘. Well, it hadn’t been a page until recently but I just added that in.

The pieces on there are written by other people which meant I had to personally reach out to them to help me make those posts. It was one of the things I’d never imagine doing because I absolutely hate starting conversations and also lack the ability to do so.

I’m super shy when it comes to new people and most of them on there were people I hadn’t spoken to or never seen. But, that experience squished that little seed of fear about new acquaintances. I’ve loved every minute of compiling their work, and pestering them to send their pieces in.

If any of you have anything to add in or have ideas on a post that includes a lot of people under a niche but differing in style, hit me up. We can find something to make out of that.

We’re bringing a good month to an end with this, while hoping the absolute best for June.

And as always, thanks for reading 🙂

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39 Comments on “May Has Been A Blessing:”

      • I suspect in the coming years you will make more decisions that are as good as that one. I just had my forty-seventh birthday, and I can tell you from personal experience that much of life is simply making choices on which paths to take. Wisdom is the ability to make those choices with greater discernment.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Happy Belated Birthday and I hope you had a fabulous one 🙂
        I must agree with you on that. Most of what happens definitely does depend on the choices that back it. Thank you for sharing that with me. I really appreciate it 🙂
        Have a great day

        Liked by 2 people

  1. I always find myself very comfortable with people who are grateful for real things in life.

    Thanks for sharing this. And I’m glad you found the blessings in May. May the Almighty always provide you and keeps you happy. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Trying to keep things positive around here as much as I can help it 😂
      I still have to get to all of those books except for the one I’m currently reading. I can’t wait to start opening them all.


  2. So glad to meet you!!

    What a lovely blog you have!! I love your down to earth and smartly snarky voice!!

    I’m so glad your birthday was good!! Belated blessing to you for your coming year!!

    Very substantial and edifying book list!! Aspirational!!

    God bless!


    Liked by 1 person

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