To Be Grateful

Here’s me putting into practice what I’d mentioned in my monthly rundowns about being propelled into the world of The Law of Attraction after watching The Secret (Highly recommend it, BTW) One of the most important things I picked up from the experience was the habit of gratitude.

Often times, I tire myself out cribbing. Cribbing for no particular reason about how Life could be different. Yes, Life could be different but it doesn’t make the one I’m living any less great. To have what I have is a dream to many and I’m learning to realize that even a simple thing as a roof above my head is a luxury, especially during these trying times.

Food on my plate of rice, spicy rasam, a dollop of ghee, some pickle on the side, a pappad or four depending on how I feel was until now, even though one of my favorite meals, considered a simple one; a boring one. However, that would be considered a King’s platter for someone who gets a piece of bread put in his bowl whilst he begs on the streets.

These small things that in actuality hold humongous weight are so frequently taken for granted and it isn’t like I’m going to be thinking of these things every single day but a reminder every once a while brings more joy than we give credit for. And that’s what this is: A reminder.

So, here I’ve compiled a list of a FEW things I never really saw. This is going to get real and extremely random.

1) Family at home: I was a shy, introverted kid (Was, Anya? Really?) so that meant all of the time I had I spent at home. But while I was there, except for the fact that I had friends in my parents, I didn’t really give a thought about a hug from mom, a disciplining from dad, a well done omelette from mom or the boy’s kinder joy my dad never forgot to get on bad days. (The boy’s ones have better gifts in them. Fight me.) I didn’t pay attention to both of them sitting at the end of my bed or sleeping on either side of me when I’d need warmth, actual human warmth. I miss all of that now that I’m 6 hours away from them for most of the year but a call from Home ❀ puts things right immediately. And it’s crazy to think how it works but whatever be it that I might have in my head that’s bothering me, one of them calling puts me at ease in the snap of a finger. And for family, I am grateful.

Circa forever ago. I had frost bites on my chin and on my feet and cried the whooole way back. I’m the happiest one in the picture. Can you tell?

2) Education: I used to think of it as a way of life. You’re born, you’re educated, you die. Everyone has the same sequence. But I was wrong. I can pronounce Privilege, but there is someone out there that doesn’t know ‘P’ is an alphabet that makes the word that I enjoyed without fully knowing what it was that I now hold dearly in my hands. I am able to comprehend things I never imagined my 7 year old self could and I owe it to the education I’ve graciously received over the years. I’m living the dream I had ten years ago and I realize that it’s not everyone that gets chances like I did or the resources that I was given. And for that, I am grateful. (Are y’all ready for my mugshot?)

One of my proudest moments living, however small (and obnoxiously loud) it may seem. Just let me flip my hair for a second here, these moments don’t come too often, OKAY?!

3) Friends and family away from home: You need this to be sane, you actually do. A lot of the time between getting my results and going off to college, I’d sit and worry about how I, a rather awkward person, would fit in a brand new environment by myself with not a soul I was acquainted with. And then, I met, if not more but more so like me, people in college. I’m having a blast (Even though some would beg to differ). I’m allowed to be very much in my zone and I couldn’t be more grateful for having people around me that let me just be. I couldn’t be more grateful to end my day in a room with a person who was once a stranger but now I share bills and clothes and slippers and stories of the day with. I couldn’t be more grateful to walk into a class full of people and see two heads amidst them that I absolutely adore and would kill for. I couldn’t be more grateful for every person I’ve made friends with that teach me either something about them, something about life or something about me. (Or something I don’t want to be. I’ve had a good share of those, let me be honest.) I couldn’t be more grateful for sharing dinner on the rooftop of a restaurant overlooking the entire city celebrating two years of pure madness. And for all of this, I’m grateful.

Curly haired and straight haired- A universal balance. If you know, you know.

4) WordPress: Now I’m just kissing ass, aren’t I? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt because you’re free to opinions. But….. This has been more of a therapy to me than I let on. Mistakes from the past have taught me that in order to grow, both in experience and in numbers, networking is key. And so, putting my rusty brain to use I began reading some of the other authors blogs on WordPress, some really talented writers, travel enthusiasts, students like myself, moms and dads and grannies and grandpas that make it more of a vacation. I had never enjoyed writing or just coming on the site as much as I do now and that’s saying something because I’ve been at this for close to five years now. It’s crazy how just five weeks with this site has connected me both to people I’d never imagined talking to and in some ways, to me. Building a site again has been a ride and for this, I’m grateful.

5) A hot/cold shower (Did I not warn you about it getting random?): Until I had all the time in the world, I didn’t realize how good a shower was to the body; not just the cleanse. I was usually out of the bathroom in less than fifteen when I was in college or when I was home during my breaks but off late, I’m aware. I’m aware of my time which might sound a little cuckoo in the head but ever since I’ve willfully decided to make the best out of it, I’m living for the routine. I talk to myself, I affirm things to myself, I’m grooving to my own music in my head (Thank God for anti slip tiles, huh?), I let my thoughts wander free and wild without worrying about having to get out and be done with that chore. It’s a headspace I’ve created purposefully to replenish my reserves at the end of the day. And for that I’m grateful.

Insert shower head?

6) Health and the handles on mugs: I’d had a little scratchy throat two weeks ago (I know, OH SHIT!) And to heal that, while on antibiotics, I kept sipping on hot water or hot Kashayam (A concoction of all good things nature has to offer.) You know how everyone has a favorite glass, mine is a tall glass one with no handles. But, since I kept guzzling down piping hot water, I needed a mug that had a handle. Why do I care about handles, really? What was only a really really painful throat somehow sapped my energy and had me folding over and diving into my supper because my body couldn’t keep me up. Those couple of days I learned that I can’t imagine another day of jello-bones and clammy skin. I couldn’t afford to get sick not because I’d probably get taken away but because it will always be the absolute worst thing to lose my health. Having got it back now, I’ve realized I have something a lot of people don’t have and not being grateful to have that would be shameful and so, health is what I’m grateful. Plus, that handle! I think about mug handles a lot more than I should. I still stand firmly by my decision to include that detail in.

7) Cell phones and data services: Trying times like these call for attention and a lot of it and some more. But whilst I’m surrounded by most of my family, I’m separated from my Nani (Maternal Grandma), who I can lay my life for. You’d think between the two of us I’d find a lot more things to keep me entertained but joke’s on you and I, mate. She keeps it going like a fully oiled truck at harvest. Being able to connect with her or anyone else we need to check up on, has been a real blessing to us. And for that I’m grateful. (*looks at all the calls I’ve dodged whilst writing this*)
And netflix, you’ve kept me busy longer than I can admit it. And for you, I’m grateful.

What we learnt on Tv, pineapple jalebis and chappati noodles.

Here’s a challenge: Practice three things you’re grateful for everyday till the weekend. Putting out positivity invites positivity. Giving thanks is going to bring in abundance. However, don’t do it for the heck of it or because you’re going to get something in return. Defeats the purpose here.
Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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41 Comments on “To Be Grateful”

      • I insulted you, I don’t like your work.

        Is that so hard to grasp?

        Don’t expect everyone to kiss you ass forever, if you do, get yourself checked out for Narcississtic Personality Disorder.

        It seems to be quite prevalent within the writing community on this site.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Alright then. I hope you have a great day having such strong opinions, Rajiv. 😊 My work isn’t for everyone, I’m aware.
        However, I do appreciate you reminding me that I shouldn’t expect everyone to kiss my ass forever.


      • Well doneπŸ‘πŸ‘Š, you are honestly one of the first people to take criticism well on this site, most of you have followings that consist mainly of people kissing your ass, telling you how great you are. So I’m pleased to hear that you are actually receptive to critique. My opinions aren’t strong, they just strike you guys as odd because, again, you’re so used to people blowing air up you ass. 😘

        Liked by 1 person

      • Either way, I hope you have a nice day and thank you for taking your time out to comment. That was oddly sweet so see you around, I guess ✌🏿


  1. Yes, there are many meagre things in our life which we forget to be grateful for. Once in a while, just sit and be grateful thinking about it. Presently I am grateful that all 4 in our family are together under one roof. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

    Liked by 1 person

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