Week 1:

1) NEW SITE, NEW ME. WHO DIS?- What you’re on currently. I’ve been going back and forth about starting on a clean slate and doing it my way, under my name since the past two years but never got to it. Four years ago, I began blogging under a made up name that made no sense whatsoever because I thought my work wasn’t good enough to be linked to my name. (I know. Who do I think I am?) As exiting as the first bout of blogging was, this is something else. It’s not a big change but I identify with it and I recognise my work now, which was the basic idea.
Plus, I’m really getting a hang of this whole technology thing and building a site and boy, I can’t stop.

I went a little crazy with everything I saw but I’m hella proud of it so here’s a display.

2) ONLINE CLASSES FOR 150 PLS- Owing to the quaratining we’re all doing now, our college has taken it upon themselves to keep us entertained during this period and begun online classes. Let me hear a cheer, real quick. Do I like these better than the conventional teacher-student human interaction? HELLS YES! I’m a shy, introverted person with mad social anxiety and this is what dreams are made up of (Minus the pandemic, slimming resources, dipping economy and all that.) plus, not every adult is tech savvy sooooooo…… I’ll just leave this here for you to decipher.

3) HARAMI SALAMI- Because one virus going around wrecking mad havoc wasn’t enough, we had a spell of the bird flu around our region which brought selling of poultry produce to a halt and officially took 2020 to a new level of craaaazy. Everything’s good in the hood now and I recently ate meat after a three week ‘eggiterain’ diet (I can’t explain how we thought eggs were safe. What can I say though, we’re all addicted to something that’s not good for us.) I haven’t made the complete transition to a cow yet so we nipped that situation at the bud. *takes a bite of my chicken hariyali kebab*

4) GIVING THANKS- If you’re an Indian, you must be acquainted with our Prime Minister and his often strange requests. The newest one being lighting our candles, diyas and torches AT HOME! for our heroes that fight this battle against the virus on the frontiers including our healthcare workers and all essential service providers.
The last one went a little something like this. We were asked to clap for our heroes at a specific time all through the country. Here’s what being an Indian entails- You’ve got to be extra in everything you do. So naturally, we banged all our metal vessels hard and took to the streets in celebration. I’m telling you, we’re a class apart.

A little compilation on what went down on the wild side.

5) LA CASA DE PAPEL- You read it right. I jumped on that train. At this point, I’ve come to realize I need a person to sit on my chest to ensure I watch good shows. I’m one to not give validation to the shows that’re all over social media because I’m too arrogant to do so and over time I’ve learnt it’s almost cost me some really good shows like this one. This really speaks to the inner burglar you never thought you had.

My rundowns get more and more random as we go forward with these. Bear with me on this one because I think I kinda enjoy doing them.

14 Comments on “Week 1:”

  1. Haha literally reminded me of myself. Haha I guess it’s just how Indians ace there game✌.
    Keep blogging. Thx for the follow. Really enjoyed reading your work. Look forward for more

    Liked by 1 person

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