Here’s what I found on google and made out of it:-
Disclaimer: This cannot and shouldn’t serve as your official source of information. We’re all just learning and not teaching here.
/in-som-nia/: 1) Habitual sleeplessness, inability to sleep
Symptoms: You can’t fall asleep or you can’t stay asleep.
Types: 1) Acute- 1 night to a few weeks on and off
2) Chronic- A long time
Causes: pills and potions (Sing it like the way Nicki Minaj sings or don’t say it at all), hopeless sleeping habits, anxiety, depression, stress, noises(?), overthinking (?)
Treatment: 1) Identify cause and treat it.
2) Make a proper sleep schedule and stick to it
3) If you can’t bear it, go to your doctor. Do. NOT. Self. Medicate.
Is it self-diagnosable? Yes. Should be blatantly obvious that you aren’t sleeping as much as you should.
Can you pop pills to sleep better? Heck, no. Not unless they’re prescribed by someone with a valid medical registration.
Should you be listening to me? NO. Debatable.
Over the past couple of weeks, my whole country has been observing a nation wide lockdown owing to the growing pandemic raging outside of our four walls. Naturally, it means we sit at home all day, looking at the same faces for 16 hours daily. Let me repeat that for you slowly. 16 hours a day.
While the rest of my family gets away with having to only get past that 16 hours, I on the other hand have been taking it up a notch. I sleep for four hours a night and spend the remaining four in bed, looking at my sister peacefully asleep beside me APART FROM the standard 16 hours. I don’t enjoy not sleeping, I’m not a weirdo.
Why then, you ask? While this week has been a struggle, I’ve slept 15 hours a day every day of the last two weeks.
The scholars are right about messed up sleeping habits and how they take a toll on your sleeping schedule. That should explain why I have fast paced thoughts at 2 am and dozing off into my breakfast at 10 am.
To combat this problem and not make a habit of getting used to sitting like an owl for four hours before sleeping for another four a night, I’ve devised a scheme to trick myself into making healthier choices.
1) Tire self out and not sit on the butt all day.
2) Take A nap instead of multiple and if really needed, only.
3) Maybe invest in a sleeping mask to stop self from reading too much into shadows (?)
4) Try and keep away from any excitement a good hour before bedtime.
5) Moms and dads around the world are right. It’s always the damn phone. But since I can’t do away with it, I’m going to explore the ‘night mode’ option.
What hasn’t worked for me: 1) Music- Of any kind. I get excited however soft and calming the music is.
2) Rain sounds, ocean sounds, wind sounds- I might be the only person that finds it creepy to be stuck in the rain, on a beach or somewhere windy by myself. So no to that.
3) Meditation- I can’t control the death metal concerts in my head.
I need foolproof ideas at this point.

Here’s Nancy providing 10 Tips For Troubled Sleep During Lockdown

34 Comments on “Insomnia:”

  1. I feel for you Anya. You’ve written some good tips there, despite the fact that a lot of them don’t work for you. Have you tried the warm bath, aromatherapy oils or reading something light until your eyes are rolling in the back of your head? lol

    In the end, do whatever works best for you.

    Caz x

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    • Mind, definitely. The speed at which ideas are whizzing through my head at 2 in the morning is a little bit alarming given that I thought I’d run out of creative juice when I took up medicine. But all this time to myself I’ve realized I can replenish that as I read. I find that my mind is way too excited during an hour I’m supposed to be resting. Lol xD
      Also, I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier. WP sent your comment to spam for some reason and I didn’t know.

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      • It’s okay because I respect the decision of not replying too. WP sent comment to spam because this was probably my first comment to your blog – it’s AI brain – can’t decide without human help, “initially” – takes time learning.

        “Whizzing” and “creative juice”, you say ! Oh, brain is incredibly far more efficient than rest of the organs in body – stocks high energy levels inside it only in the “hope” of using it while sparing just a little more than “needed-by-the-body” to the body. This guy is really thrifty. If it’s running at more-than-normal strength (like creativity), unfortunately body cannot keep up the pace. Odd ! Actually brain can act like an infant constantly nagging while its mother has to stay awake to literally “feed” it with “creative produce”.

        Ways to deal with it – cuddle and assure – “we shall do the rest next day” – procrastination can be the saviour !

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      • I agree with you one hundred percent but the problem is right now there’s no need for me to rush into anything but I feel rushed to do everything that’s on my mind before I forget. I have a clean slate and no responsibilities rn so I just feel more efficient and want to make the most out of it
        With the energy I have rn with four hours of sleep, I find myself able to function for another three days. It’s a little worrying that I’m relying so very little on sleep that’s actually super important

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      • I was suspecting the same reason – “before I forget”. One could advise to jot it down in a notepad before getting sleep, and pick it up next morning. But yes, the “boiling sense” that tried to flood with creative stuff, may be recalled exactly, though surely other stuff can appear. Like a painter who’s never able to redraw the masterpiece twice.

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      • The last line fits precisely
        Somehow the ideas are always in the dark in the middle of the night. No scope to find pen and paper. It’s getting a tad bit easier now tho. I think my body needs a bit of physical exercise to drain it out and shut my brain off too for a solid ten hours


  2. I can sleep anywhere unless i am too worried about something then i wake up in the middle of night and scream and then go back to sleep.

    But you have written it so well. Do read my blogs too your reviews are valuable!❤️

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    • Thank you very much, Sir
      I’m glad you took time off to visit the site and comment 🙂
      I’ve heard about drinking a glass of milk but I somehow can’t stomach milk and it gives me bad acne so that’s not something I can do. However, I should give the alternate nostril breathing technique a go and I will
      Thank you very much 😊


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